Featured Island of Excellence

You are an Island of Excellence.

Island of Excellence [ahy-luhnd ov ek-suh-luhns] noun.

an individual impacting others by

  1. doing amazing work & pushing for more
  2. sharing knowledge & craving learning
  3. connecting with others

The definition of Island of Excellence is broad and loose for a reason, we see Islands of Excellence in so many people and places that we figured the best way to show off the definition is actually to showcase the people who continue to inspire us every day. Check back frequently to see our rolling feature series.

Featured Islands Of Excellence: 

Stephen Young

Andrew Campbell


Do you want to share your Island of Excellence story with us? I think you do!!!! There are a few ways this can happen.

  1. We meet with you for 1 hour of your time and interview you.
  2. You fill in this form: Islands of Excellence

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