Make Waves is an education innovation catalyst. We design learning opportunities with people, communities and organizations who are changing the world. We build creative culture, ignite new connections and inspire agile strategies.

Make Waves is the host to Islands of Excellence. Islands of Excellence is a statement of community, converging and connecting. Islands of Excellence is an innovative conference taking place in Fall 2012. #IOE2012


Make Waves was founded in May 2012 by Kathryn Meisner and Jennifer Chan. Kathryn and Jenn bring together their unique experiences to this education innovation catalyst. We believe in bringing together people, ideas and learning opportunities to make waves.

Why Make Waves? 

The name Make Waves represents the calm and motion of people and their ideas. We see Make Waves as a movement that is strengthened by the power of forward momentum; waves of people, waves of ideas, brain waves and the incentive to keeping things moving.

Who We Are

Kathryn Meisner 

Jennifer Chan 

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