Islands Of Excellence Conference

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On November 17, 2012 Make Waves hosted the inaugural Islands Of Excellence conference at the YMCA Academy.

Islands of Excellence are people who are out there doing it, making it happen, and are catalysts for change.

What if…Islands of Excellence from different fields and industries were brought together for just one evening and one day?

What if…they were asked to ponder, innovate, and collaborate about how education and learning can benefit from the synergy between these different fields.

Make Waves presents Islands of Excellence 2012, an exceptional unconference-style event that will celebrate and build a community of excellence in a way that can change the world.  

You will benefit from Islands of Excellence 2012 if you are…

  • an educator – defined as someone who helps people learn
  • an innovator
  • a community builder
  • working with young people
  • working with adults
  • passionate about changing how people learn
  • looking to connect with like-minded people
  • ready to brainstorm and collaborate

Islands of Excellence 2012 is an evening + full day conference. See Schedule