On July 11, we hosted a Hack Jam for Islands of Excellence. We hosted this Hack Jam for a 1 reason, find out what people are thinking. And we got that question answered and then some. We asked a few simple questions and let the conversation flow. We are so excited to get a chance to launch Islands of Excellence and already have so many people interested in supporting the project. We asked about best, worst and day/days of the week for conference preferences. These logistical questions have really helped us to help define what kind of professional development and connections people are craving.

We also facilitated a bit of group discussions and got an overwhelming amount of information that we are slowly working through and digesting. There was so much information, that I fear we have been a bit delayed in relaying it out.

Here are the first few things we are working on:

  • logistics for the actual conference (date, place, etc)
  • glossary of terminology that we use (hack jam, unconference, etc)
  • features of Islands

This last one was the biggest take away for us. What is an Island of Excellence? This was one of our group discussion questions and the conversation just erupted (haha island humour). We love when there is so much insightful, critical and engaging inquiry and discussion that is rooted from an idea that we are still testing. This is what prototyping is all about! Check back in the next little while to see who is being featured.

Get out there, make waves!


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