For the Islands of Excellence conference, we were so pleased to partner with Microsoft’s Partners in Learning program to be able to give away scholarships to a few educators to join us for the conference.

Here are some snippets from their blogs.

Heidi Siwak Twitter @HeidiSiwak

Islands of Excellence left us with new connections, compelling ideas and a vision for the future of education. The question now is how do we build bridges between these isolated pockets of innovation and expand these types of initiatives so that more learners have the opportunity to experience a different approach to education that matches more appropriately the requirements of today?

Brandon Zoras @BrandonZoras

I got to connect with teachers in all fields, admin, community activists, and everyone in between. It was great seeing so many other leaders in their fields working towards the common goal of providing the best possible learning experience for students. The conversations were great starting points for change and really challenged the status quo.

Ally Fly @FlyOnTheCWall

One of the really exciting things about this conference – about this evening – was that it brought together not only educators, but individuals from “the outside world” … What I mean by this, is that as a Grade 5 teacher I spend the vast majority of my time in my own room with my own students – therefore, the opportunity to connect with others and across such a vast spectrum was a true gift!

It was our pleasure to be able to support Heidi, Brandon and Ally to attend the conference and we are all so grateful to Microsoft Partners in Learning for helping make waves!

~ Jenn

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