Tinkering is in Andy’s bones. As a child, he was always making things; rockets, a suit of armour, an intercom system, a solar water heating system and a scratch-built database program on his commodore 64 to keep track of his friends birthdays.
Along with his wife Marianne Mader, Andy is the Co-Founder and Chief Instigator of MakerKids, the first MakerSpace for kids in Canada! Started in his garage in 2010 for kids to build their own ideas with real tools, it is now a full-fledged non-profit with a permanent 1200 sq ft space! Kids build submarines, sew monsters, make chocolate molds, build robots, print 3D objects, and more!
Andy has also been the President of Dimentians for 17 years, which is a full service digital communications agency with a staff of 6. Dimentians specializes in non-profits and helping make the world a better place!
Making Makers
In recent years, the Maker movement has grown exponentially. People are making all kinds of interesting things out of wood, metal, electronics, cloth and other crafts in their garages and living rooms.
How do people get involved with this? Tools are expensive, and the know how to use them is declining.
Enter MakerSpaces! These community workshops provide the space, the tools, and the training to become whatever kind of Maker you fancy.
Maker Kids is such a workshop, specializing in young people. Kids come up with their own project ideas, and mentors help them figure out how to build them. Kids creativity is unbounded, and they have built some crazy things!

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