Mandy Wintink earned a PhD in Neuroscience and Psychology (2005) and worked as an NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow after graduation. She has been highly involved in the University since she began her undergraduate degree in 1993. She has taught and served as teaching and laboratory assistants for over 20 university courses, served as departmental student representatives, co-chaired student organizations, been involved in many different research projects, and served many mentorship roles at the university. Currently, she is advocating for education innovation and recently launched UExperience, a unique learning community that focusses on mentorship, experiential learning, and personalized curriculum to help students of all sorts develop meaningful and impactful careers and lives. She has spoken about this model at a recent conference in Halifax and will serve as a keynote speaker at the New Brunswick’s Teachers Association meeting in May 2013. Her 6min40sec Pecha Kucha is merely the icing on the cake. Connect with her further should this topic interest you.

What’s Happening To Our University Education?
Our university system is being talked about incessantly as of lately. It is being criticized for not doing its job of preparing students for careers yet, at the same time it is being criticized for for even trying with people saying it is not the academy’s responsibility to train for careers. What is the job of the university? It is to create creatives, intellectuals, thinkers, innovators, skilled laborers? These are all good questions and there are lots of people, organizations, and universities trying figure out the answer to this important question. This short talk will highlight some of ideas floating around 21st-Century university education.
While working in rural Tanzania introducing mobile technology solutions to farmers and students to improve standards of living, Adil Dhalla identified a gap in how we were collectively learning about spaces and place.  The experience helped shape the vision for My City Lives (, an application Adil Co-founded in 2009, which aims to organize the world’s information by location.  Today, his role at My City Lives is an extension of his passion of building meaningful connections with people and leading community development.  Adil is a passionate advocate of entrepreneurship and a new player of the ukulele. His goal is to eventually intersect the two.

Entrepreneuring Education

Short Description: Adil has become an “accidental educator” through his work with several youth who he has been helping develop storytelling and digital skills. The experience has invoked a series of insights and experiments for how we can better educate and engage today’s youth. His talk will revolve around his idea of “Entrepreneuring Education”, which refers to his approach of viewing each youth as he would a business problem and the systematic steps he’s taken to create solutions for their current education-related challenges.

See Mandy and Adil speak on November 16th at the YMCA Academy –

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